Arthrex ACP System Certificate

Revmacentrum MUDr. Mostera, s.r.o. is a reference and training center for the "Arthrex ACP" system (autologus conditioned plasma)





Accreditation is a voluntary process of external assessment of the Czech Associated Accreditation Committee (SAK CR) of medical facilities to determine whether their activities are in accordance with the standards defining such level of performance that is needed to provide quality and safe health care services.

Revmacentrum MUDr. Mostera, s.r.o., complied, in February 2010, with the requirements of national accreditation standards and has received from SAK CR, as the first-ever outpatient medical facility in the Czech Republic, a certificate of accreditation. Accreditation is obtained for the period from 11.02.2010 to 10.02.2013.
Accreditation is obtained for all health services in Revmacentrum ®.

Obtaining the certificate of accreditation is a guarantee for the patients and staff that the priority of Revmacentrum® is to provide professional and high quality health care with an emphasis on maximum safety of patients and staff, care aimed at minimizing the risks and prevention of misconduct. Complying with fifty accreditation standards and their implementation in everyday practice would not be possible without intensive work of all employees of Revmacentrum®. To maintain and improve the quality of the set-up quality system is contributed by conducting of internal and external audits. Obtaining the certificate of accreditation in Revmacentrum ®, is not only a highly prestigious event, but also a great commitment to patients and to all employees.



pdfSAK CR certificate



ISO Certification (International Standardization Organization, is a worldwide federation of national standards bodies) is an independent certification body verifying the functionality of the established management system and means that the system complies with standards.



ISO Quality System Certificate documents the systematic and transparent management of organization focused on continuous improvement activities. ISO 9001:2001 Quality System Certificate was awarded to Revmacentrum in October 2008 for the period from 18.10.2008 to 17.10.2010.
Throughout the period the quality management system ISO 2009:2001 is continuously monitored by internal audits and external certification authority.
On October 18, 2010 our company has successfully defended the certification and obtained the QMS ISO 9001:2009 quality system certification for the next 3 years.
Certification of ISO 9001:2009 is obtained for all medical and non-medical services Revmacentrum®.
Revmacentrum MUDr. Mostera, s.r.o., is a holder of international quality management system certificate QMS ČSN EN ISO 9001:2009.



ESWT Center - SHOCK WAVE ® is the official reference and educational center
for the treatment of musculoskeletal disorders with all kinds of shock waves - ESWT
devices STORZ - MEDICAL and ShockMaster ®



pdf ESWT Kardioline Certificate