Follow-up care

Liposuction (collection of adipose tissue), blood taking and application of stem cells is done on an outpatient basis.


Removal of adipose tissue is followed by a short-term several-day pain in the place of removal and a haematoma may occur (bruise). Haematoma is usually absorbed within a few days. If the pain lasts in the place of withdrawal of adipose tissue and painful swelling persists, please contact us immediately.


After withdrawal of blood from the arm hole a bruise may also appear, which is usually absorbed within a few days.

Usually, however, there is no limitation in normal daily activities and no need for special arrangements.
After application of stem cells and blood plasma increases discomfort for approximately 10 days. The positive effect of injections of stem cells and growth factors in blood plasma may occur within approximately six weeks.


We recommend regular daily activity without much physical exertion for the first 48 hours after application.
After 10-12 days it is possible to start light exercising without any physical strain for 6 weeks.


4-6 weeks after application of stem cells, increased physical exertion and sports activity are not recommended.

Physical strain 6 weeks after the application of stem cells and blood plasma may result in incomplete healing of the treated tissue.