About us

Motto: In communitate nostra omnia ad corpus bene
et sine dolore movendum facere conamur




Revmacentrum ® is a specialized facility for comprehensive treatment of musculoskeletal system with a special focus on biological therapy.


Our philosophy

    • The credo of our company is to follow the way of the highest quality diagnostics and treatment, not the quantity of treated patients. To verify the quality and safety of treatment of our patients by a consistently independent audit.
    • We greatly appreciate our long-term patients who have a permanent trust to our physicians, being our regular clients and entrust permanently into our care not only themselves but also their family and closest friends.


    • We want to provide these patients, based on family traditions and continuity of care as well as personal approach to each patient, with pleasant environment, according to present possibilities with the aim to solve and resolve painful condition of each of them with the maximum use of proven modern medical practice, particularly of bio-surgical non-invasive treatment.

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    • Revmacentrum ® is a medical facility that provides comprehensive health care for patients with musculoskeletal disease. It is a part of Revmacentrum MUDr. Mostera s.r.o.
    • Health care is provided by physicians - specialists - with the highest professional qualification for patients with congenital and acquired musculoskeletal disabilities, patients with injuries and their aftereffects on the motor system.


    • Revmacentrum ® medical facility is a newly built center, which has been in operation since May 2006.


    • Care is provided in a pleasant and quiet environment with easy access to public transportation, with possibility of parking in the vicinity of the surgeries.


    • Medical facility for patients outside Brno is also easily accessible thanks to the proximity of D1 and D2 highways.


    • The medical facility has a superstandard equipment. Waiting rooms, pantries, and ambulances are air-conditioned.
    • The diagnostics and treatment in our company are performed using the latest high-end laboratory and diagnostic and medical devices and technology.


    • Revmacentrum MUDr. Mostera, s.r.o., is a contractual partner in all fields of the company for the following health insurance companies.


    • Revmacentrum MUDr. Mostera, s.r.o., is a holder of quality management system certificate according to international standard ČSN EN ISO 9001:2001.