Notes of Revmacentrum regarding the application of stem cells and blood platelets enriched with autologous blood plasma.

Method of treatment of musculoskeletal with stem cells and patient’s modified plasma is a promising method in tissue engineering using growth factors of activated platelets.


For this reason we have included this treatment in our therapeutic portfolio in accordance with biosurgical focus of our company, as well as for the patients’ considerable interest in this type of biological therapy.

The method of biological treatment using stem cells and own plasma enriched with platelets (thrombocytes) can not fully treat the joint disease (arthrosis or osteoarthrosis, or rheumatic arthritis), as it is not omnipotent.

Treatment by stem cells and growth factors of blood plasma, however, can pause the process of degenerative articular cartilage and improve the joint condition "to a certain extent" . Growth factors from blood platelets of own blood plasma stimulate cartilage tissue to regenerate.

Approximately 86% of patients (out of 556 treated at the Medical Faculty of the University Hospital in South Florida in the U.S.) said they were fully satisfied with the outcome of treatment and would be willing to undergo it again. Moreover, the patients with severe knee and hip joint damage, who were recommended an artificial joint replacement replied as follows:

  • 89% of patients with severe knee arthrosis responded that they had observed at least half alleviation and half of them even recorded an improvement of 75%;
  • 75% of patients with severe hip arthrosis experienced at least 50% improvement; 88% of them experienced an improvement by 75% (see also


Literature data indicate such improvements and regeneration of cartilage that leads to delay and possibly eliminating the need to undergo an artificial joint replacement surgery. This is a significant advantage especially in younger individuals with joint arthroses or in patients at high risk for artificial joint replacement for other internal illnesses. Biological method of treatment with stem cells can be used even in those patients, in whom possible surgery must be postponed. Biological treatment with stem cells and blood plasma is a patient-friendly method with minimal complications.

In no case, however, can the biological treatment method using stem cells and blood plasma substitute the need for artificial joint replacement surgery - arthroplasty (endoprosthesis) in advanced arthrosis, especially with anatomical bone deformities.
Rheumatoid arthritis is a general systemic disease, in which we can only positively influence the fate of the affected joint by means of the stem cells. Systemic effects on the progress of the disease however are not expected.

In our company we focus on the complexity of arthrosis treatment. This is why do not use only one treatment method, but fully utilize the possibilities of the general support of comprehensive treatment of osteoarthrosis using supportive drugs - medicines that are disease-modifying drugs (SYSADOA, DMOADs), and in particular we also highly evaluate the application of intra-articular injections of hyaluronic acid. Of course, the overall regime measures (weight adjustment, rehabilitation, spa treatment, etc.) are a necessity of this complex treatment of joint arthrosis.
In the combination of all these organic methods, we see the future and effectiveness of conservative treatment of joint arthrosis.

After exhaustion of these conservative organic methods we recommend a patient with osteoarthrosis the artificial joint surgery, his personal comfort, anatomical conditions of development of arthrosis and health permitting. We have to count with the fact that no artificial joint is permanent, but it has its specific life span and that it will be necessary to undergo artificial joint replacement. This concerns in particular, according to our more than 30 years of experience, especially artificial knee joint replacements.