Treatment technique

Treatment by means of stem cells and blood plasma is performed in Revmacentrum on an outpatient basis.

After approval of the indication for therapy the stem cells are obtained in Revmacentru from adipose tissue by means microinvasive liposuction technique.
Liposuction means gentle suction of sufficient adipose tissue (usually from 40 to 60 ml of fat) from the subcutaneous region. Liposuction is usually performed from the abdomen, lower abdomen or buttocks, i.e. places where there is a sufficient fat pad.


First, the adipose tissue must be saturated with anaesthetic solution that starts to at within a few minutes. Therefore it generates no scars, anaesthesia is provided solely by injecting a needle through which the anaesthetic solution infused. Then you can proceed to the actual extraction of adipose tissue, which is painless.
The entire tissue collection procedure takes a few minutes, the patient can communicate all the time with the doctor.


Subsequently, stem cells are isolated from adipose tissue for regenerative and therapeutic use.
After isolation of stem cells about 10 ml of venous blood is normally removed from the acetabulum region in a special sampling set. This blood is in that game subsequently adjusted so that it is possible to use just that part of the blood with already activated growth and anti-inflammatory and factors from blood platelets.
Stem cells with activated blood plasma are then applied into the desired area.

The total duration of the stem cell treatment process and activated blood plasma is about 2 hours.